“Superheroes of Service: An Immigrant Story” is a new children’s book that encourages service​ ​&​ ​civic​ ​mindedness​ ​in​ ​children​ ​by​ ​Toussaint,​ ​Ulysse,​ ​“Renaissance​ ​man”. Toussaint is called a “Renaissance Man” in the foreword of his new book by the former governor of Pennsylvania, Edward G. Rendell. Superheroes of Service, or SHS for short, is a true story. SHS illustrates the superpowers of service learning, civic mindedness, the power of the individual in children to ensure the betterment of our community and the world. Philadelphia Fall, 2017​: The social challenges and crises we are facing today expose the need to equip the next generation with the tools they need to solve the problems they will encounter. Toussaint says he doesn't believe it will be new legislation or more security measures that will solve the challenges our children are facing in schools, on school grounds, or on the bus. Rather, providing them with the tools to solve their own challenges is vital and paramount. This is where SHS comes into play. First, the book champions the spirit of doing good deeds and how it can be contagious. It celebrates the power of two ten-year-old girls, Katie and Sarah, who raised a significant amount of funding for Toussaint to go find his grandma, Mme. Toussaint. Lastly, it provides a road map of the “21+1 Good Deeds Challenge” presented at the end of the book for the readers. As a bonus, the author has added a black and white version of the book in which children can color and more advanced students can write their own version of the book. “Our world is in dire need of overflowing kindness, compassion and service, the seeds of which should be planted in childhood. Superheroes of Service: An Immigrant Story has duly taken up the baton to inspire more service & civic awareness in little minds to ensure they grow up to be conscientious and empathetic individuals. The book is a blueprint of what happens when we encourage children and adults to engage in service and put others first,” said Toussaint. Superheroes of Service: An Immigrant Story focuses on some landmark world events and relations between Haiti, Poland, France, Germany, the United States and the world. SHS also acknowledges the great contributions to Haiti of the second President of United States, John Adams, in appreciation of Haiti’s assistance against the British. SHS comes with its signature “21+1 Good Deeds Challenge” (devised by the author himself) which will motivate the young readers to work towards the betterment of their classroom and community. Half of the proceeds generated from the sale of the book will be invested into micro/macro grant programs to benefit single mothers from two elementary schools in Northern Haiti. Speaking on the inspiration behind this masterpiece of a children's book, the author shared the overwhelming kindness, love and service showered on his homeland, Haiti, after the devastating earthquake in 2010. The tragic news sent Toussaint back to his native land in search of his then 95-year-old grandmother, Mme. Lenise G. Toussaint. Fortunately, Mme. Toussaint survived the  earthquake. The quest, which at first was solely to find his grandmother, opened his eyes to a bigger realization. “SHS’ mission is to foster service learning, civic mindedness as well as encourage more generosity via critical creative thinking. We are seeking the services and financial support of your business to join us in building this new village of Superheroes of Service,” stated the author, whose own life has been a blueprint of learning service. Toussaint and his friends are urging businesses, organizations and individuals to adopt an elementary school in their area and to purchase a copy of the book for each student. Toussaint is humbled to have the support and trust of some of the most prominent internationally acclaimed figures, including former governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania; TV personality and designer, Gretchen Rossi; Slade Smiley; Dr. Kirstin Snow; Principal of Upper Providence Elementary School, Dr. Melissa Patschke; The CEO & President of USTA, Lance Lee; Dr. Charles Blockson; Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell and more. “It’s not a mere book. But more of a call to service, to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, to explore how our talents to impact the world place to live in. We would like businesses purchasing our book for local schools to host a reading session for the class. We are hopeful schools will utilize it as a tool to heal our community, encourage kids to find their voices and muster the strength to wade through challenges everywhere. After the reading session is over, the company’s spokesperson would have the opportunity to talk about their organization, who they are, what they do and how their enterprise is changing their community & the world”. “Superheroes of Service is a book every classroom in America and every child need to read.”
-Gov. Ed Rendell


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