Prospectus And Conceptual Overview Of Louverture University (LU)
Introduction:  In light of crippling poverty and a devastating earthquake that has recently destroyed thousands of schools and displaced millions of families and individuals across the country, Haiti is in need of new educational institutions that are committed to the ongoing revitalization of the nation’s economic, social, political and spiritual resources. As a beacon of Haiti’s future prosperity and independence, the following proposal outlines the conceptual framework for developing an environmentally friendly National School in Haiti dedicated to the training of future leaders, women and peacekeepers.
  1. Project Purpose:  The first phase of our journey is to shoot a documentary to expose the challenges and the dire need of a world class institution in Haiti.
  2. Through partnerships with different entrepreneurs, philanthropists, organizations, faith based entities we hope to build a sustainable world class institution from Pre-K to University for children and women based on the STEAM discipline and research in Haiti by 2030.
Guiding Assumptions: Inspired by the revolutionary Toussaint Louverture, le premier des noirs, Louverture University (LU) will be based on interfaith principles - The National School will seek to exemplify collegiality through a place-based curriculum that draws its inspiration from the local community and is dedicated to peacemaking and the cultivation of democratic ideals.  Built on the rich natural resources (such as wind/solar energy and regional agriculture) of the local region, as well as strong partnerships with others around the world - Louverture University will become a sustainable institution that is free for all Haitian and affordable for international students.
Site Description:  The proposed site for Louverture University is located in the central northwestern region of Haiti surrounded by majestic hills near regional rivers, the airport in Cap-Haitian, and the beauty of the Caribbean waters. This region is known for bright sun and deep blue sea water.  With improvements to roads and infrastructure, this location could boast several luxury resorts.  In the heart of this beautiful region, the National School will draw its architectural inspiration from Caribbean, French, Hispanic, English and local cultures.   Utilizing native materials and craftsmanship, LU will marry local cultural knowledge with cutting-edge advancements in architecture and site planning to sustain the school’s future and develop its curriculum.
Curriculum Overview: Derived from the land and the local community, Louverture University will implement a place-based curriculum.  Offering academic concentrations in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (S.T.E.M.) disciplines, students enrolled at LU will develop green energy sources in northern Haiti, bringing much needed industry to the area and also developing an exportable and sustainable commodity for the nation. In partnership with local farmers, Louverutre University will also develop innovative and contextual agricultural practices for the local region.  In addition to producing food for its students, LU will work to meet the growing agricultural needs of the northern tier. Additionally, the National School of Haiti will offer academic concentrations in Political Science, Arts, Environmental Studies, Medicine, Education, Research, Religion  and Business to sustain this rebirth of the Haiti Cherie. Louverture University will employ service-learning and community-based research opportunities where students work and learn in tandem with local community leaders to develop and achieve both educational and community objectives.

Full Blueprint of L'Ouverture University